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what I do, when I don't do, what I should do.

A Foray into Reverse Engineering
Feb 2023 Today I got two invoices from my hosting provider all-inkl. Apparently they are sending out their invoices as HTML now and I should save the file to my computer and open it. And I did. Like an idiot. The browser window opened and showed a login form and it hit me: it’s a phishing mail.
iOS Mail Rules and Spam Filter
Jan 2021 Okay, heads up, not really on iOS but on a Raspberry Pi - but it affects iOS Mail app, does that count?
Baking Bread
Apr 2020 For a while now I bake my own sourdogh bread. Not for health reasons or to be prepared for some crisis, no, because the process is actually pretty fun and the bread is super tasty. And it lasts. Even after nearly a week it’s still fluffy and not super dry.
Debugging iOS Named Colors
Jul 2018 iOS Named Colors are awesome. Until they are not. I took LLDB for a spin to find out why.
WWDC 2018 Notes
Jul 2018 For about 8 years now, I’ve been an iOS developer. In recent years I’ve tried to watch more and more WWDC videos. This is the first year where I watched pretty much all the videos that sounded somehow interesting to me: That’s nearly 60 sessions or roughly 60% (there were 120 sessions in total, but these include labs and special events).
Task Tinder
Sep 2015 Have you ever been in a decision deadlock? One of those situations where you have to prioritize things but they seem impossible to sort?
Bill Richards - Flight Instructions
Feb 2015 A few days ago a friend recommended two entertaining and intersting articles
Sensation Suit
Feb 2015 I’ve sewn 90 WiFi controlled vibration motors into a full body suit. Here’s why and how.
Slow ping on Raspberry Pi
Nov 2014 TL;DR For me, it was caused by the network adapter power saving on the Pi and my Mac.
Activating the second I2C bus on Raspberry Pi from Python
Oct 2014 The Raspberry Pi comes with two I2C interfaces. One set of SDA-SCL pins is part of the GPIO P1 header (I2C 1), the second is located on the P5 header (I2C 0).
DIY: Digital picture frame
Aug 2014 I love to travel and I love my photos of these journeys. I always wanted a digital picture frame to view them, but everything available sucks: The displays are small, they aren’t very stylish, they aren’t cheap and the picture display time is waaay to short for my liking. So I built one myself.
SMbus for Python 3.4 on Raspberry Pi
Jul 2014 Now, that I had Python 3.4 running, I tried my I2C using project and it failed miserably with
Install Python 3.4 on Raspberry Pi
Jul 2014 The resulting setup will use virtualenv + convenience wrapper and install Python 3.4 under /opt to prevent any (future) collisions with the system Python.
TLC5947 via SPI on Raspberry Pi
Jul 2014 It’s been a huge pain in the ass. As part of my “Tetris in an IKEA shelf” project (more on that in another post) I need to control and fade 8 RGB LED strips independently from a Raspberry Pi. Adafruit advertises its 24 channel 12 bit PWM LED Driver to be perfectly suited for this purpose. Even 8 strips, 3 channels each, equals 24 channels in total — matches exactly. So I got one. This part was easy.
Setting up this blog
Jul 2014 well, here it goes. The foundation for me, writing about my procrastination projects: things I do, when I actually should do something else. Kind of meta procrastination .oO( Yo dawg… )